Things to Do in Villa Filomena

by | Nov 18, 2020

Need recommendations for the exciting things to do at our mansion? Villa Filomena has an array of amenities to keep guests thoroughly thrilled. Moreover, by enjoying a lavish vacation at the palace, you can feel what’s it like to be a blue blood.

These fun activities at Villa Filomena will ensure that you indeed have a memorable time:

1. Gulp Cocktails at a Private Bar

Always wanted the bar to yourself? Perfect. The private bar at Villa Filomena awaits an intimate party with you. Drink cocktails all night with the bartender catering, particularly to your needs. You can also enjoy the swell view of a pool bar from the private bar area.

3. Storm into the Game Room

Time to create memories with the kids; game room at our private luxury property has a pool table and a current Xbox station for a lovely family time.

4. Dive Into the Infinity Pool

Villa Filomena has an infinity pool desired by most visitors who look forward to catching a glimpse of our stunning edge pool. The surface of the pool reflects the beautiful azure sky, thus alluring swimmers for a dive. It also features a fantastic ocean scene observers can’t get enough of in the area.

5. Go for a Massage Treatment at the Spa Room

A beautiful vacation would be perfect with the hands of a massager working some magic on your body. It may have been a stressful year or period of your life; the best step to relieve yourself is to book a massage session as you vacate in our mansion.

This therapeutic activity may occur at the sophisticated pavilion next to our infinity-edge pool or our spa room. Your privacy and comfort are unnegotiable throughout the session.

6. Use the Gym

Whether or not you’re a fitness enthusiast, hit our private gym, which features efficient fitness equipment like an indoor cycle, dumbbell facilities, treadmills, and as little as a yoga mat just to improve your overall fitness. Besides, you don’t have to share the gym room with others; you can have it all to yourself. 

7. Use the Sauna and Steam Rooms

After leaving the gym room, the sauna and steam rooms are the best places to go for post-workout relaxation. The heat from the sauna helps calm your nerves and muscles. While the steam heat also aids blood circulation in your body, thereby giving you the clearer skin you’ve always wanted.

Spend nearly half an hour in the sauna and steam rooms to stand the chance of enjoying many health benefits. These advantages include hitting your goal of shedding off some weight as you combine this activity with your regular exercises and diet.

You may decide to go with your partner or loved ones to make the experience more fun for you. Visiting Villa Filomena is all shades of fun, no matter the season of your visit.

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