Top Dishes to Enjoy at Villa Filomena

by | Feb 16, 2021

Top Dishes to Enjoy at Villa Filomena

by | Feb 16, 2021

Villa Filomena is an iconic restaurant with a lot to offer. Here, you can get a wonderful experience and enjoy a great view. However, its most famous offering is delicious dishes. Guests come from far and wide to enjoy these meals. So, what should you eat when you visit Villa Filomena? Here are ten dishes to think about.


If you like pasta, Gnocchi can be a good meal to accompany it. Modern and rustic versions of the meal are available at Villa Filomena. You can choose between fresh sage, maitake mushrooms, and sweet butternut.

Nasi Lemak

Nasi lemak is a meal that combines vegetables, meat, and rice. Villa Filomena also includes nuts on any nasi lemak meal. The flavor of nasi lemak is so intense that most of its consumers are Malay, Indian, and Chinese customers. You can also request for the meal to be dipped in coconut milk. It is also not a bad idea to includes cucumbers, eggs, and curry when taking the meal.


Rainy days should not end on an empty stomach. Perhaps you should choose some ramen with nodules. This wonderful mixture is called ramen, and it is very famous in Japan. It is typically served with garlic oil and soy sauce.

Some diners also prefer boiled eggs and dried seaweeds to top the meal. There are several variations, but the Villa Filomena variation is derived from the Okinawa ramen. This is one of the things you will instantly notice on the Villa Filomena Menu.

Fiery Cocktails

Villa Filomena’s bartenders are getting creative with each passing day. Their latest invention is to set fire to a cocktail. The idea is to create a spectacle that will encourage patrons and diners to request more drinks. If you ever find yourself at the restaurant when they’re resetting fiery cocktails, you shouldn’t shy to join in.

You can order one fiery cocktail as you appreciate the accuracy of the bartenders. Some of the things they mix in the cocktail include orange oils, beer, and rum. You may also see some cocoa butter in some cocktails.

Shawarma Platter

Shawarma platter used to be the mainstay meal of street food vendors. In the recent past, significant restaurants such as Villa Filomena have started to include shawarma platters. The dish has become one of the most popular outdoor dining experiences. Villa Filomena uses a tankless water heater to preserve the dish in the long run.

The Shawarma platter uses olive oil instead of rice. Other offerings include lamb and chicken. You are at liberty to request a specific flair that the chefs will add to your meal. More importantly, the shawarma platter is one of the cheapest meals on Villa Filomena’s menu. It also comes with red sauce.


Bagels is a type of yeast bread that takes a ring shape. Villa Filomena chefs usually boil bagels before baking them. This is to create a bright exterior and a soft center. The meal was very famous among Jewish immigrants, especially those who came from Eastern Europe at the end of the 19th century.

You won’t miss several flavors of bagels at Villa Filomena. Many will be topped with salt, dried onions, garlic, and sesame seeds. Some diners eat plain bagels while others prefer to add other accompaniments, such as cream cheese. If you’re spending the night at Villa Filomena, this is one of the meals you should order for breakfast.


A slice of pizza is a must-have when you visit Villa Filomena. Of course, you’re free to eat the entire pizza. Most of the pieces sold at Villa Filomena have thin crusts covering marinara sauce. There is no specific time to eat pizza. You can also take it home, as long as you keep it at the ideal temperature. You can eat it as part of breakfast, for lunch, or when you’re having late-night cocktails. The prices vary from $1 to $25.

Ropa Vieja and Plantains

Ropa vieja is a Cuban dish that combines chili and beef. In Cuba, the name of the meal is associated with old clothes. This doesn’t sound like the name of a good meal, but your doubts will disappear when you take the first helping. Ropa vieja is usually combined with black beans, plantains, and yellow rice. You can try it at Villa Filomena with vinegar, meat, or any other accompaniment.

Final Words

Many activities will punctuate your stay at Villa Filomena, but the most outstanding activity will be the type of dishes that you eat there. We hope that the list we have prepared above will help you plan your stay at Villa Filomena.

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