Updates at the Villa

From new lights to new rugs, our gorgeous mansion gets a facelift

By Emily Johnson

Have you checked out the Villa lately? If you have, you might have noticed a few changes to our stunning historic mansion. While retaining the vintage charm that draws so many brides and grooms on their special day, we’ve added a few updates to freshen things up and further accentuate our gorgeous space.

We have permanently added in four strands of string bulb lighting within the chandeliers in the ballroom, which add a magical quality that’s perfect for the couple’s first dance. We’ve installed a permanent ivory pipe and drape backdrop on the stage for a sleek and streamlined look. The bathrooms have been updated, and we’ve incorporated a few new rugs to our Fitzgerald Parlor that blend seamlessly with the décor for a striking mix of old and new.

Schedule your tour of the updated Villa today to see all that we have to offer! We currently have prime 2017 fall/winter dates available as well as amazing availability in 2018.










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